Pashai girl, eastern Afghanistan.

Photograph by Karl Wutt in Pashai: Landschaft, Menschen, Architektur (via)


Senait Gidey in Virgos
Anthony Maule for CR Fashion Book A/W 2013/2014

And last of all the mounting wave, green and cold and plumed with foam, climbing over the land, took to its bosom Tar-Míriel the Queen, fairer than silver or ivory or pearls.

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Nepalese Hindus take bath in the Bagmati River during Madhav Narayan festival in Katmandu on Jan. 30, 2014. (Niranjan Shrestha/AP)

There’s as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.
Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Ep 2: Some of the Things that Molecules Do)

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